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Varieties of Kebab

Originally invented in Turkey and later spreading into Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine, kebab is now a favoritedish of peoples all over the world. However, the meaning of kebab in North America is different than Middle Eastern kebab, with American kebab referring specifically to shish kebab, or mainly meat chunks cooked and served while still attached to a skewer. Middle Eastern definitions of kebab include meat dishes that are roasted, stewed or grilled and served in bowls, on plates or as a sandwich. Meat traditionally used in Turkish kebab is lamb, with ethnic and local differences substituting seafood, goat, pork, beef, fish and chicken for lamb.

The history of kebab indicates that Persian soldiers during the Medieval Age “skewered” pieces of raw meat onto their swords to grill them over fires started in war fields. However, additional evidence dated from ancient Greece seems to show that kebab was used by those living during the time of Homer's Odyssey and Iliad. Cooking meat kebab-style (in small chunks) also reduced the need for large amounts of cooking fuel, a technique that came in handy when cooking oil was scarce.

Turkish Shish Kebab
In the Turkish language, shish kebab is written as S¸is¸ Kebap, with s¸is¸ meaing “skewer” in Turk. S¸is¸ Kebap consists of meat, vegetable and/or fruit cubes fastened to a skewer that is held over intense heat. Mushrooms, eggplant, onions, bell peppers and tomato are traditional vegetables cooked with chicken, lamb or beef. Turkish roasted kebab that is rotated (döner kebab) provides the foundation for other kebab-type foods such as the Greek gyro, the Middle Eastern shawarma and the Mexican tacos al pastor. Served with salad and/or pita bread, döner kebab has recently been integrated with such Western favorites as french fries or “kebab pizza”.

Kebab Kenjeh
Previously an Iranian dish, kebab kenjeh is now a popular Middle Eastern dish made of lamb chunks flavored with lemon juice, pepper, salt and olive oil. Kebab kenjah is usually served with raw onions, rice and grilled tomatoes.

Kebab Halabi
Commonly found in Lebanon and Syria, kebab halabi is cooked with Aleppo peppers and zesty tomato sauce, and offers variants incorporating a variety of different ingredients, such as:
Kebab kashkhash—rolled beef or lamb served with pine nuts, garlic, parsley and chili pepper paste
Kebab kamayeh—any kind of meat with nuts, truffles and onions
Kebab karaz—lamb meatballs, cherry paste or whole cherries, pomegranate syrup and sugar
Kebab hindi—pomegranate syrup, onions, capsicum and tomato paste with rolled meat

Chapli Kebab
As a favorite barbecue kebab in Afghanistan and Pakistan, chapli kebab are beef mince patties traditionally served with naan, an oven-baked, leavened flatbread brushed with butter (ghee). Flavored with green chilies, spices and tomatoes, chapli kebab is often mixed with scrambled eggs and eaten with onion rings, chutneys and or yogurt sauce.

Indian Kalmi Kebab
Enhanced with the rich flavor of cabbage and onions, kalmi kebab is commonly eaten as a snack in Delhi, India and neighboring regions. Marinated chicken drumsticks are sprinkled with ground spices, garnished with mint and when done, served with Indian bread and onions.

Iranian Chelow Kebab
This national Iranian dish is made of chelow (Persian rice) and lamb/beef/veal chunks with grilled tomatoes and, when requested, somagh, or powdered sumac. Sometimes a raw egg yolk is placed on the rice although this is optional but considered an old tradition in northern Iran. Chelow kebab is usually served with doogh, a popular beverage consisting of sour yogurt flavored with salt and mint.

While the list of ingredients in traditional kebabs is deliciously diverse, non-traditional kebabs can also be made using any kind of meat, vegetable or fruit chunks. Enjoy many of these kebabs at Hummus Elite along with an exciting variety of delicious Middle Eastern foods.
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