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What is Hummus?

Favored in Middle Eastern countries as a delectable spread or dip for a variety of foods, hummus is made from chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans) that have been cooked until tender and then mashed. Additional flavorings of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and tahini (ground sesame seed paste) are later added to the hummus as well.

Hummus is an ancient food, thought to be a favorite of Sultan Saladan, a Kurdish Muslim who founded the Ayyubid Dynasty in 12th century Syria and Egypt. Nutritional information about hummus reveals it to be a healthy dish containing proteins, carbohydrates and rich amounts of vitamin C and iron. Chickpeas provide necessary dietary fiber that is known to reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. Sesame seeds found in tahini supply an important essential amino acid called methionine. Several research studies have indicated that methionine may inhibit diseases related to the normal process of aging.

The method of eating hummus usually involves dipping pita bread, flatbread, crackers or tortilla chips into the hummus mix. Additionally, it can be found accompanying fish, eggplant, chicken, falafel and meze. Meze is an assortment of several dishes served at meals in the Middle East and Mediterranean and consisting of chopped meats, stews, vegetables and other dips.

Hummus is commonly garnished with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantros, hard-boiled eggs and sauteed mushrooms. Variations of hummus include hummus ful, a dish containing hummus topped with a fava bean paste; and hummus mashawsha,another popular dish in the Middle East consisting of tahini, chickpeas and hummus paste.

Israelis include hummus in daily meals because the ingredients follow Kashrut, or Jewish dietary laws that can also be included with dairy and meat meals. Because it is so popular in Israel, the people have designated it as a national food symbol and even eat more hummus than all the Arab countries combined.

People in the U.S. have recently begun embracing hummus as part of their regular diet, with well over 16 million Americans now eating hummus. Instead of consuming fatty dips and spreads full of mayonnaise, health-conscious people are opting for hummus when dining out at ethnic restaurants serving Middle Eastern dishes. In addition, chickpeas provide nutrients conducive to controlling blood sugar levels, which makes it an excellent addition to a diabetic's diet
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