Hummus Elite – Where Tradition Meets Healthy Dining Delights

Hummus Elite was founded on the idea of providing affordable, healthy dishes without compromising quality. Based on the typical Israeli style with a modern twist, Hummus Elite maintains strong ties to its Mediterranean origin. With a growing demand for greater selections, Hummus Elite has decided to expand its variety of dishes while still retaining its original concept. In addition to dine-in service, we provide delivery, pick-up orders, and catering.

At Hummus Elite, we use only the best ingredients, including organic produce and eggs. Our hummus is freshly made several times a day with the highest quality imported spices and no preservatives added. Freshness and quality are of great importance, and our chef creates dishes that revolve around the produce that is in season. Our menu offers many vegetarian dishes as well as some vegan ones. Low in calories and cholesterol, and suitable for people with diabetes, our hummus is a great option for those looking for a tasty yet healthy meal. Whether you’re seeking a quick business lunch or a relaxing dinner, Hummus Elite will be glad to accommodate you.


Giyora Malka

Owner and Executive Chef Giyora Malka was raised in a small Israeli village on the Mediterranean coast, where he was exposed to a rich variety of cooking traditions, including French and Moroccan influences. From an early age, Chef Malka was surrounded by food and the love of cooking, always enjoying creating dishes for the pleasure of his friends and family. While visiting New York during a break from Business School, his then close friend and now wife, recognizing his true passion, registered him at the French Culinary Institute in New York. After graduating, he worked in two of New York’s finest restaurants – Union Pacific and Sushi Samba Park, where he eventually became a Sous-Chef. Later, he taught cooking classes and assisted in recipe development for restaurants. Chef Malka brings to his restaurant a refreshing style of cooking influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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