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Dive into the heartwarming words of our satisfied patrons, sharing their delightful experiences at Hummus Elite in Englewood, NJ. Discover the joy our guests find in our Mediterranean-inspired dishes, warm service, and inviting ambiance. Each testimonial is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. Join the chorus of voices celebrating the flavors and moments crafted at Hummus Elite.


Dan Brody


This was a great last minute decision for dinner on New Years and it was Awesome! Joostyn was our server and he was able to answer every question about the menu that our table of kids and adults had for him. He even guided one of our highly allergic kids to steer clear of the nuts and seed dishes, and there was still plenty for her to eat at this delicious middle eastern place.
If you like authentic middle eastern cuisine in a warm and cozy environment, this is the place for you.

Joshua Moesch


We took a 40 minute drive to check this place out and could not have been happier. Amazing food. We had Lamb Kebobs, Hummus w/Meat, Falafel, Fries, and Warm Pita. We love traditional Israeli / Middle Eastern and this is among the Best..

Gary Berger


I used them to cater a small birthday party for 20 people. First of all, the communication was excellent and I was comfortable at every stage from planning to day of event. The food was plentiful, packaged well for my waiters to set up, and it was absolutely delicious. My family specifically loved the lamb kabob, and the moroccan cigars. The hummus was obviously also wonderful. This was in every way a 5 star experience. Highly recommend Hummus Elite for your next catered affair no matter how big or small. Thank you Hummus Elite for making my day special.

Tamar Plotzker


Such delicious and FRESH food! extremely nice staff, and beautiful decor. Also loved the complementary pitas! Black bean soup was splendid, especially with the addition of schoug! other food was great as well

Andrea Alfonso


I ordered takeout and the excellence of the dishes prompted me to write a positive review. I typically travel to King’s Falafel in Paterson to get my falafel fix but I don’t have to travel that far now that I discovered Hummus Elite. The falafel, kibbeh, chickpea mixed with hummus and Israeli salad were all outstanding. The servings were also very generous. All in, it was an absolutely outstanding meal & I can see myself ordering multiple days a week. Trust me, this place is a standout.

David Adler


Having lived in Israel for many years we come here all the time as it’s the most authentic option there is in the area. Great food (we’ve tried many options on the menu and they’ve all been outstanding) at reasonable prices and with attentive and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Noam Weintraub


Justin’s warm demeanor was evident in every interaction he had with customers. From the moment they walked through the door, he would greet them with a genuine smile and make them feel instantly comfortable. He had a knack for making each customer feel important and valued, taking the time to listen to their needs and preferences.
Justin’s unparalleled customer service skills were reflected in his attention to detail. He would go above and beyond to anticipate and fulfill every customer’s needs, ensuring they had a memorable dining experience. Whether it was recommending the perfect dish or customizing orders to accommodate dietary restrictions, Justin always went the extra mile to cater to individual preferences.
Furthermore, Justin was highly knowledgeable about the menu and could provide detailed explanations of each dish, making it easier for customers to make informed choices. He was also prompt in addressing any concerns or issues that arose, ensuring that customers felt heard and taken care of.
Overall, Justin’s warm demeanor and unparalleled customer service skills created a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at Chumas Elite. Customers felt valued and appreciated, and this exceptional level of service undoubtedly contributed to the establishment’s stellar reputation.

Rebecca Altabe


We hosted my husband’s 50th birthday in their outdoor space. The owner, Giyora Malka, made planning a breeze, and the staff were wonderful. Outside was set up with a huge tent, bar area, and lounge style seating. The incredible smell from the kitchen wafted to the backyard and made us all hungry. Wish I took pictures of the incredible and abundant food but I was busy with our guests. Soft and fluffy pita, the creamiest hummus and roast eggplant you can imagine, fresh salads, and perfectly spiced kebabs, plus rice, couscous, gorgeous hot and crispy fries – the food just kept coming! Can’t wait to go back for a date night soon.

שירי בצלאל


Giora was very kind and easy to communicate with.helped me to make our new year holiday feast successful.
From choosing the dishes all the way to deliver all food with care in a clean neat professional way he gave me detailed instructions for how to warm the food before serving.
food was fresh and delicious all of my guests enjoyed and complement the dishes.
Thank you Giora for the excellent food and for being patience with all my questions we are so happy we find a place we can use in our futures event .we are definitely going to use your service again, Shanna Tova Umetukah.



If I said this place is incredible it would be an understatement!!
I keep coming back and they keep surprising me!
FOOD 10/10
Very well Priced

Dana Salvatore


By far, the best hummus I’ve ever had. I will be returning.
the shawarma was to perfectly seasoned and balanced with the Israeli salad and pickles. Pita completely on point.

Shlomy Adler


Dine in Dinner | $50-100
I’ve been here many times.. Always fresh, always delicious!!! Will definitely come back.

Angela Becerra


I have been ordering lunch at Elite Hummus, a kosher restaurant in Englewood.. The food is absolutely delicious, with a wide variety of fresh and flavorful options to choose from. The hummus, in particular, is exceptional – creamy, perfectly seasoned, and served with warm, fluffy pita bread.
Aside from the incredible cuisine, the service at Elite Hummus is top-notch. The staff members are friendly.
The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is inviting and comfortable. It has a clean and modern interior, creating a relaxing ambiance to enjoy your meal.
The combination of delicious, fresh food, coupled with friendly and attentive service, makes it a standout dining destination.

Yehudis Frank



Rob Gonzalez


This place is absolutely delicious. The hummus was outstanding, the staff very pleasant and the prices are reasonable. Definitely will recommend this place for someone that is looking for some good Mediterrenia food.

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Stacy Goldstein

February 2, 2012

Dear Giyora,

I am writing on behalf of all of the staff at Ben Porat Yosef. The food that Hummus Elite provided for our staff Chanukah party was both fresh and delicious. From the kibbeh to the schnitzel and meatballs to the falafel and salad, the staff really enjoyed all of the food.

We appreciate your willingness to work with us to create a filling menu that fits into our budget.

We will surely consider Hummus Elite for catering future events at the school.


Stacy Goldstein
Administrative Manager

Victor Borden, M.D.

January 2, 2012

Dear Giyora,

Dear Shlomi,

My wife and I want to thank you and Giyora for the wonderful food and service we received from you. We wanted to serve good Israeli-style food at our New Year’s celebration. Hummus Elite provided more than good. Our friends raved about the delicious entrees – short ribs and chicken with vegetables. Everyone greatly enjoyed the appetizers and baklava. The party was spectacular, much of that due to your catered feast.

We look forward to frequently eating at Hummus Elite throughout 2012.


Vic Borden

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